NorDevCon2017: Bringing The Things Network to Norfolk and Suffolk

Paul Foster

The Things Network User

Posted on 28-02-2017

We had a super well attended session at NorDevCon 2017 Friday 25th Feb.
The session explained The Things Network and the hardware involved and how to make it yourself.

We hope to have additional gateway sites within Norwich, and need only to fund the gateways.
Additionally, a project opportunity was raised. There is a lot of investment going into cycleways into Norwich from the surrounding countryside.
But we don't know how these are being used. The task is to design TTN sensors to instrument the cycleways around Little Melton to prove it can be done, and then look for wider application.

There are several cycle counting technology solutions already in use, most use some form of induction loop. There are Radio Beam (tm) solutions too.

Any bright ideas?

NorDevCon session slide deck is here:!AqCVj5wWKbjxu3p7ikyRNxFmGmWP