First coverage maps

Terry Moore

The Things Network User

Posted on 16-12-2016

Thanks to Cornell Cooperative Extension, we now have a gateway in the city of Ithaca, near the farmer's market. Combined with MCCI's gateway, we have amazing coverage. We're using Frank Rose's app (our URL is,-76.5054,11), Adafruit Bluefruit Feathers + Radio FeatherWings, open source software from MCCI ( and Terry Moore that builds on the great work of the Arduino LMIC and Frank's map-the-things app. Thanks also to Jeff Honig for the war-driving.

If you're interested, join our group (see the links), attend a meeting, or help us organize a hackathon. The hardware from Adafruit is extremely easy to use (and they're a NYC company, so they're local).

[update: latest coverage picture]