Kozani TTN coverage

Nick Galfas

The Things Network User

Posted on 17-02-2021

The first fixed LoRaWAN TTN gateway in Kozani city was placed at the Department of Electrical And Computer Engineering - University of Western Macedonia back in April 2019.

The main purpose was academic research and evaluation of LoRaWAN devices and usage scenarios. This gateway is placed in the roof of the building on the road leading from Kozani to Thessaloniki. It's not an ideal location since it's low on altitude and have surrounding hills above.

A second gateway was installed at the roof of a very tall building in summer 2020. It covers the whole city and many surrounding villages to the south.

The department encourages its students to work from home so the whole city became a mini IOT lab from students working on their projects from their apartments while COVID was breaking out..

From time to time some more "flexi" gateways appear on the network, covering individual projects while keeping TTN usability. Also, some gateways appear from time to time owned by individuals so TTN usage is growing in our city.

News are that the Municipality of Kozani is also interested in adopting IOT in their city services so we expect interesting things to come.

TTN Kozani community can be the connecting point for all IOT enthousiasts in our area, please join us in any way you want.

You can check some coverage testing at ttnmapper.