Gateway – Testing Tool

Johan Scheepers

The Things Network User

Posted on 14-07-2020

Gateway – Testing Tool

As field engineers it’s some time needed to have simple and easy tools to test if services are up of down.

To make this simple and easy for the field engineers I have deployed a Bot to do the testing, you simply send the eui of the gateway to it and it replies the status of the gateway.

  1. Install Telegram on you smart phone.
  2. Search for SA_Gateway_TTN_bot
  3. Click on “Start” if it is the first time using the Bot.
  4. Send the eui to the Bot (eui-b827ebfffe3546a2)
  5. The Bot replies with status of the gateway (Gateway eui-b827ebfffe3546a2 status is online.)

P.S. At the moment this Bot are deployed on a PC here at my home and it suffers from LoAd ShAd, so until I find a place to host it in the cloud, it could be on up or could be down. 
Johan Scheepers