We need to be more pro-active


The Things Network User

Posted on 29-10-2019

Hi and Thank you for allowing me into the group.

From my title, you can tell where I am going with this. It is high time we have something to show in this group.
I am not sure why anyone of you joined this group but if you are like you, see a lot of potential in LoRa. Especially in the Nigerian market.

For me, I am very excited about the power and capability of LoRa. I, for one, can't wait to apply it to solve a real-world problem.

Where we go from here?
If you all agree, I would like to set up a more real-time form of communication (Slack or WhatsApp group), but I am opened to any other types.

I would like us to get to know one another and how we can progress Lora in Lagos and start laying the groundwork.

I would also like us to create a LoRa gateway in Lagos by the end of the year. To proved our abilities.

Thank you for your time