The New Outdoor Gateway of Garbatella and Ostiense

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Posted on 11-05-2023

Our community is becoming increasingly active. Dozens of projects have already been launched, thanks to the coverage assured by our network of gateways, managed by firms that are developing their own systems based on LoRaWAN.

And Now, there's one more good news.

Since yesterday, Garbatella and Ostiense, the coolest neighborhoods in Rome, have easy and free access to our community's LoRaWan network, thanks to the installation of a new outdoor gateway at the headquarters of CNA Rome.

It is a high-gain antenna-equipped Dragino DSO8 installed at one of the highest points in the southwest quadrant of Rome.

The goal is to offer an increasing number of businesses and citizens the opportunity to experiment with this fantastic technology for IoT connectivity.