The new release of the Teris Control system has been released

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Posted on 26-11-2023

Teris Control is a monitoring and control system for industrial plants, specialized for the photovoltaic production sector.

This IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) application is one of the first Italian projects to implement the innovative Edge Computing paradigm in the photovoltaic sector, using the energy-efficient LoRaWan communication protocol.

The main components of the photovoltaic plant are monitored by specialized devices that interrogate the equipment through the ModBus industrial protocol, perform local data processing and analysis using specific applications implemented on SOM Arduino PRO MKR systems, and transmit the results periodically to a central network system through the LoRaWan protocol.

The LoRaWan Network Server was implemented using the open-source suite The Things Stack Community Edition.

Data transmitted by peripheral nodes are collected, stored, and processed to evaluate the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a cloud computing application server implemented through the DataCake platform.

The first release of the system was released to the contracting company last spring to be installed on the first pilot plants.

After the successful testing phase, Chirale recently released a new version of the system to be gradually implemented on all photovoltaic plants managed by the Rome-based company Teris Servizi Energetici.

The devices are designed to operate outdoors and in adverse weather conditions.