My LoRaWAN's First Post

Sebastian Carranza

The Things Network User

Posted on 05-05-2021

LoRaWAN is becoming the IoT giant in our country.
Just knowing its interesting architecture (it is presented in the image of the post), makes us think, deep inside us, that great things could be done, such as projects, demonstrations, conferences. Simply incredible.
It all starts, from a sensor that can be connected to an Arduino microcontroller (for example), that with a simple development board connected to it, the magic begins.
Of course, you also need a gateway, since this is in charge of carrying the information from the end nodes to the 3rd layer, the network server, through its internet connection.
Here we can make a small stop because, TTN gives us the possibility of creating prototypes, projects, etc; using a NS for free (thanks to them). The last layer, which we can turn to, is the application server. Here, magic can be handled by analysis algorithms, display forms, storage, etc.
The last words I will mention are, LoRaWAN is a world, but we can develop great things in our country with it.