LoRa32u4 module

Xalil Ibrahimov

The Things Network User

Posted on 08-03-2018

  Hello Lisbon community members. A few weeks ago I bought LoRa32u4 module. You can find detailed information here: https://bsfrance.fr/lora-long-range/1345-LoRa32u4-II-Lora-LiPo-Atmega32u4-SX1276-HPD13-868MHZ-EU-Antenna.html

This is French company and they are more than happy to help with information request. Let's say this module is analogue of Adafruit's Feather.
Today I tested it. Receiver was close to Jardim Zoologico and sender was in Monsanto and there is line-of-sight between those two locations. Distance is 2.47 km and it worked without any problem. Then I tried two more location in Monsanto but because there was no line-of-sight I was not able to communicate. For sure modules need line-of-sight in such big distance. I also tried them inside the building. I put sender in first floor and receiver in the 16th floor and there was good, robust communication. My next goal is again to experiement with distance. I want to know what the longest and robust comminication distance for this module.