Connecting Sensors to TTN Hackday - 15th June at DoES Liverpool

Patrick Fenner

The Things Network User

Posted on 02-06-2017

Now there's a larger LoRaWAN network in Liverpool providing free access to the The Things Network, it's the ideal time to start connecting more devices, more sensors, and taking advantage of this long range, low power, low cost way of connecting devices to the internet.

As the event organiser, I'll make sure that there's a selection of LoRaWAN devices, Arduino boards and a mix of sensors; BUT that doesn't guarantee that there will be enough for everyone. If you'd like to bring a device with you (here's a list of possible ones) you'll be able to take home what you build.

Register at meetup.comn/IoTLiverpool

You will need to bring with you:

• a laptop with the Arduino IDE installed (chromebooks or tablets are not suitable),

• a LoRaWAN device to connect with (868MHz only) — (optional),

• a sensor that you would like to connect to the internet — (optional),

We'll spend the day trying out and experimenting with:

• using LoRaWAN,

• connecting to The Things Network,

• receiving messages,

• displaying data.

This hack-day is ideally suited if you've done some Arduino or MicroPython programming before and want to start using LoRaWAN, but might be just the bit of learning-on-the-job you need if you're new to programming.