LoRaWAN® Device Identification QR Codes for Automated Onboarding - Technical Recommendation (TR005)

Georgi Taskov

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-01-2021


LoRaWAN devices are generally manufactured in bulk and personalized with their unique DevEUI, JoinEUI, security key(s) and DevAddr (in the case of ABP devices), at the time of manufacturing.
In order for devices to be accepted by the network, relevant device information must be shared with each network element prior to device activation. This process is called provisioning.
The process of associating an owner and verifying permission to use a network is called onboarding. During the onboarding process a generic provisioned device is associated with its owner and, optionally, meta-data that eases the management or use of the device. These devices may be offboarded when a user no longer desires to be responsible for the device.
Device attributes directly or indirectly identified by the QR code SHALL be valid when the device is put to use for the first time. Please note that they MAY change throughout the lifecycle of the device, e.g., by changing the JoinEUI over-the-air or using FUOTA to upgrade the firmware and the Device Profile. Addressing issues that may arise from such a change is outside the scope of this document.