Things Network winning

Julian Tait

Co-initiator for Manchester, UK

Posted on 20-06-2017

Last Thursday (15/6) Things North - a loose collective of Things Network communities in the North of England, was awarded the inaugural IoT Impact Award at the The Big Chip Awards in Manchester. Although not everyone could be at the occasion, the award was for everyone who has been helping build communities whether by setting them up or supporting others in their endeavours. On the Things North table were representatives from Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and Hull - in fact there is a major coast to coast highway in the UK- the M62- that links all these communities together. If you travel east from Hull by ferry you get to Rotterdam, Zebrugge (Bruges), and west from Liverpool - Dublin, Douglas and Belfast. All cities with a Things Network presence.

The Award is recognition by Northern digital leaders of the value of building crowdsourced public IoT infrastructure and validation of the work we are all doing. And maybe by next year the gap in coverage between these communities will be covered and we’ll need to get extra tables.