Cairns City gets first community gateway - Next up Mareeba or Tablelands

Matthew Ritchie


Posted on 26-03-2017

Our region is turning on for IoT and thanks to the guys at The Things Network and TAFE North, we have the first community gateway running. Ag-Tech is touted as being one of the next big things, our region is home to the premier location of the Tablelands and Mareeba. These areas have a high concentration of innovative pioneers, many of whom see the future of our Northern industries on their doorstep.

Thank you to TAFE North for facilitating the first of many community gateways. These will surely be pivitol facilitating the adoption, adaption, and mastering of new IoT technologies.

The gateways for Mareeba and Tablelands are on their way, and will soon join their neighbors in open innovation and device connectivity for the people by the people.