Dragin 308 not connecting


The Things Network User

Posted on 16-11-2019


trying to connect Dragin 308 gateway, but not geeting any connection to TTN...

meshed-router / 1700 / 1700
(and of course AUS915 frequency plan).

i haven't touched the (undocumented) "radios" page so radio 0 / radio 1 are both disabled, but that seems fine accroding to some web posts.

Connection to the internet is by Wifi.

What am i doing wrong?
All advice appreciated.

Reply (David Barrett):
I just had a look at this gateway and I am not sure if the AUS915 config is correct.

I would recommend setting the frequencies manually in the “Customized Bands” option on your device and specify the frequencies listed here:
This page states: Note that The Things Network uses 2nd Sub-Band only (channels 8 to 15 and 65).
You’ll need to program the specific channels into the devices in order to make them work with TTN.
Link to your manual if needed: https://www.dragino.com/downloads/index.php?dir=LoRa_Gateway/LG308-LG301/