Pycom #GOINVENT World Series

David Barrett

The Things Network User

Posted on 07-10-2019

Come join us at the Pycom #GOINVENT world series.

During 2019 and 2020, Pycom are hosting a series of 30 one-day events where developers come together to learn, develop and hack their connected projects.

If you’re a hobbyist, hardware hacker or software engineer looking to take things to the next level, learning new skills related to IoT, LPWAN or Cellular networking and THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to do just that.

The Pycom #GOINVENT World Series is a set of events specially created for you.

NOTE: Please remember to bring your own laptop and any charging cables

You and a bunch of other developers will be greeted with a choice of coffee, tea and a snack before we get hands on with a full day IoT enterprise workshop with the Pycom kit that you will get to keep and take home with you for future project work or to further develop the project you create on the day.

As a participant you’ll get to keep a AUS $147 Pycom Kit consisting of:

1 x FiPy
1 x Expansion Board
1 x LTE-M Antenna
1 x LoRaWAN/SigFox Antenna
1 x Pycase

See more and get tickets here: