Student looking to experiment with budget lora tech


The Things Network User

Posted on 30-05-2021

I'm a student in melboune and would love to begin experimenting with TTN here. I've been hearing about lora/lorawan for a couple of years and would love to learn by experimenting. Looking at australian forum posts I'm struggling to find information on a budget gateway setup thats newer than 2019/2020. Could someone point me in the right direction please as I'm just barely starting to wrap my head it but am still a complete newbie?

As a first project I would like to add a GPS tracker to my mountain ebike using the device below:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
I selected the device above as I can program the esp32 chip to derestrict the 25km/h speed limiter on the bike for offroad stints as per this link
along with hiding the setup inside the frame (curious to see if being inside the alum frame helps or hinders the antennas).

I would also like to add a gateway to the network. Initially I thought something like the Things Industries Indoor Gateway 915MHz TTIG-915-AU
would get me started, but is there a newer better budget option? Most of the time it would be plugged in upstairs near a window but I liked the idea of adding an antenna and powering it off usb-C for a mobile device.

I would love some advice on my choices above and any better budget options that I haven't come across.
Also, I'd really appreciate of someone could give me an in a nutshell insight to the items below
1/ v2 vs v3 stack, should I ensure whatever gateway I select is compatible?
2/ For the ESP32/LoRa device above, if I select the 915MHZ version, should this theoretically work on both US and AU networks or do I need an AU specific one?
3/ Single or multi channel gateway