First hybrid GPRS/LORAWAN GPS tracker on the way

Stefano Valle

The Things Network User

Posted on 04-05-2017

Waiting for a reliable LoRaWan Network localization feature a customer off us asked for a safety device able to alert in case of accident happen to a worker in a building site.

There are many solution on the markets but the customer ask for something able to work even in the middle of nowhere, where no Wi-Fi or LTE are available.

In addition he want to know who is and where and what tool is using. And the battery have to last for months!

A very challenging request that has no exiting solution on the market and that leads to this nice device that I’m proud to announce here in preview.

The device includes:
- Accelerometer and precision barometer to evaluate a dangerous fall down. Barometer sensibility is less than 10 cm.
- Bluetooth Low Energy. It can work in double mode, as becon and as sensor. This allow to “feel” BLE tags installed on devices/tools and place to localize the worker and the tool he his using
- Multi line display. It can work as pager.
- SOS button
- High power led. It can be used as “find me” signal or as lamp.
- Beeper
- Low consumption GPS
- LoRaWan Network
- GPRS Network

Normally, under LoRaWan coverage device collect information on the surrounding tags and keep the GPRS and GPS off.

A list of tags loaded in memory allows to specify the related behavior:
- If a specific tag is no missing, send a message via LoRaWan
- If a specific tag is become visible send a message via LoRaWan
- If no tags are visible since a period of time, send a message via LoRaWan and GPRS
- Ect.

GPS position can be required via LoRaWan and can be programmed to be acquired and send on both LoRaWan and GPRS on time schedule.

Firmware can be adapted easily to execute different roles:
- Tolls/cars/truck tracker.
- Personal security device
- Security tools missing
- Field service personnel security and communication tool
- Etc.

First working units are expected for June 2017. Volume production to be launched in September.

For any additional information please contact me.