Added a SenseCAP M2 Indoor Gateway for a volunteer project


The Things Network User

Posted on 09-07-2024

I actually started to get into LoRaWAN a number of years ago and brought in a SixFab gateway and some hats for raspberry Pi's. I couldn't get the cell uplink working and that project got set aside. Recently seeed had some deals on some gear and I brought in one of their SenseCAP M2 Indoor Gateways, a T1000A Tracker and some environmental sensors.

It looks like I have the gateway configured and registered on TTN. I can see messages from the tracker getting received, but no update on the location map.

I was hoping to use the low cost T1000A to track a shuttle bus for an organization I volunteer with. The shuttle bus runs from Arden Hills to the Fairgrounds during the fair. I have used raspberry pi's with Telit cell modems in the past. The T1000A would be a lot lower cost, but there does not appear to be any LoRaWAN gateways in the path of the bus.

Based upon the listed activity for this Community, I am not certain anyone will actually read this. But, if so, and if you have suggestions for me, I would like to hear from you.