Here is our first 'celebrity' sensor!

Ingomar Otter

The Things Network User

Posted on 22-06-2016

Münster's local bathing lake for the masses is the local canal, "Dortmund-Ems Kanal". Excellent water quality & very popular

Looking for a project that fills a void - @todendah suggested: "I want to know whether it's too cold!". So that became our first project deployed in the wild.

Starting today we have deployed a solar powered temperature sensor at Stadthafen 2. We are really curious how long it will last. :-)

The sensor is autonomous (solar) and very close to water so we are not yet convinced that it will last. The river police however speculated that it will get nicked first. :-)

The data is delivered to (howcoldisthecanal)

More documentation will show up on the page and in the FreifunkLP Forum