LoRa + TTN Workshops (Free)

Core Electronics

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Posted on 24-09-2018

Hi Everyone,

Just a heads-up that we have LoRa Workshops schedualed in October. They are free, bookings essential.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have a firm understanding of LoRa from a makers perspective and have created a node that is connected to the "The Things Network" (TTN) which sends data into the cloud.

Some of the topics covered in our LoRa workshop:

  • What is LoRa and how it fits into IoT
  • LoRa implementation methods
  • What is "The Things Network" (TTN)
  • How to setup an application on TTN
  • How to build a node (device) which connects to TTN via LoRa
  • How to monitor LoRa traffic data
  • How to use the LoRa console to manage your applications & devices

This is a hands-on workshop. All of the gear is provided so you can physically write code and send data to the cloud. There is no need to bring your own laptop, just head down and get ready to learn!

Free workshop, bookings essential.