Monthly Maker Meet: TTN & LoRa (22 Oct 2018)

Core Electronics

Full-time makers in the heart of Newcastle

Posted on 25-10-2018

Our first Monthly Maker Meet: TTN & LoRa held at Core Electronics was a vibrant success! A big thank you to everyone that came along. We covered a range of topics, though more importantly, we stepped through a practical project "from go to whoa". This time around it was how to build your own TTN Mapper device and use it as a TTN/LoRaWAN tape measure (a very handy tool to survey network coverage in areas of interest).

Other highlights:

  • We explored some of the features and timing around upcoming V3 changes to TTN
  • A great idea was raised to make available some TTN Mapper devices that can be borrowed (an email was sent to all attendees post-event to do just that!)
  • Call for help was made for an RPi/LoRa project (thanks to those that were interested with this!)
  • Plus a whole lot of discussion about TTN/LoRa in general :)

Our next event is on Thursday the 19th of November at 6:30PM, RSVP if you are heading along.

If you are completely new to TTN/LoRa then head also along to the LoRa & The Things Network (TTN) Workshop where you'll get hands-on with hardware and be shown step-by-step how to connect to TTN and send data into the cloud.

Minutes and resources for this meet can be found on Github.