New External Gateway: Wallsend

Core Electronics

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Posted on 09-12-2018

There's a new TTN gateway with external antenna fitted high and proud in Wallsend, hosted by long-term community member, Dave W. We've just finished some TTN Mapping and the results are looking great.

If you are new to TTN / LoRaWAN (free wireless internet for your projects!) then take a look at our guides or drop by for a workshop.

The hills north of this gateway location are significant enough to block reception of the 26M tall Antenna located in Mayfield West. Newcastle has geo-constraints for LoRaWAN coverage in almost every direction, and it's refreshing to see this level of community support to fill the gaps.

Fun fact: During this mapping activity, I landed a rogue response from a gateway located 35.9 KM away. Impressive!

There are still several gaps around the city, and we'd like to help! If you know anyone that would be OK with an external antenna mounted 1-2 meters above roof height in any of these areas circled below, then get in touch with us (we'll cover the hardware costs).