One million packets!

Heath Raftery

Principal Engineer at NewieVentures

Posted on 12-10-2018

Big milestone for the community overnight as we blasted through 1,000,000 packets carried by the local network. We also peaked at a staggering 10700 packets per hour at some point - I gather that means this was a big success?

Probably a good opportunity to remind everyone that TTN has a (not very well documented) Fair Access Policy. Not only is it a handy way to ensure the network performs well, it's a great way to ensure you're complying with the legal spectrum usage requirements laid out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). In summary:

  • Golden rule: 30 seconds air-time per device per day
  • For 10 bytes of payload, this translates to approximately:
  • 20 messages per day at SF12
  • 500 messages per day at SF7
  • Downlink bandwidth is even more restricted
  • you can’t send all messages as ‘confirmed uplink’