Newcastle and North East TTN Mapping

Alistair MacDonald

The Things Network User

Posted on 06-03-2021

Newcastle and North East TTN Mapping

The TTN Mapper coverage map of Newcastle has been out of date for a while so I decided it was time for me to do some mapping.

As we have spent most of the last year in some kind of lockdown my mapping has been restricted to walking and cycling from home, and along my occasional commute to work.

You can see all the data I have collected on the TTN Mapper web site.

For testing I have been using a Seeeduion LoRa with GPS with some custom firmware I created for mapping. I am using the recommended SF7. Hand held when walking, strap to my cycle helmet when cycling and on the parcel shelf when commuting.

Also feel free to come and join the mapping party. It will get you out of the house if nothing else.