Newcastle and North East TTN Mapping Update

Alistair MacDonald

The Things Network User

Posted on 19-04-2021

Now I am able to commute to work more frequently I have taken the opportunity to expand the North East map on TTN Mapper. This generally consists of me driving different routes to work briefly stopping off for a walk.

To find places with converge worth mapping I have used Radio Mobile Online to create a predicted coverage map. The amateur radio repeater GB7XY has it's antenna is just a few meters away from the Commercial Union House station and is not vastly different.

I have also used Topographic maps to find good vantage points and Hey What’s That to find places with line of sight to the stations.

The map is looking a lot more full now and a better reflection of coverage in the region.

I am still finding other places where there is coverage, and there are plenty of roads and paths where we know there is coverage but I have not gone down yet, but the effort in mapping all those does not bring much benefit, so I am not expecting to add anything significant to the map. It is not so much project complete, but complete for now.