Significantly better converge in Newcastle city centre

Alistair MacDonald

The Things Network User

Posted on 12-09-2020

A few years ago we rolled out a number of LoRaWAN stations across Newcastle and beyond as part of a Digital Catapult project. Most were installed in tempory locations and sadly came down when the project evolved. Some remaind however and these have been running quietly for years now.

One location was Commercial Union House, an 8 story buiding in the centre of newcastle where we had permition to insatll the gateway on the roof. This was a significant task so it was installed temporarilly on the 6th floor and we did not get round to moving it, until now. As we were installing equiment for another project I took the oppertunity to install to do a full install and it is now up and running at an altitude of 70m abs.

We have not had a chance to map out the reception but quick tests show a notable improvemnts. Incoming traffic has drmatricaly increated with data being recieved alomst every minute. We now need to fhead out with NNT Mapper and find out what distance we are now able to cover.