The Central Newcastle and Gateshead LoRaWAN station is back(ish)

Alistair MacDonald

The Things Network User

Posted on 16-12-2021

After the closure of Commercial Union House we have been struggling to find a new home for our radio equipment. We have however gained access to the new home of Maker Space and have installed most of our radio equipment here this week, including the LoRaWAN station.

This location has decent coverage of the city centres and an okay view up and down the Tyne. It does not have the same height however. A quick analysis of the live logs shows it only receives 20% of the traffic it did. We do not know if the quantity of traffic is the same, and we do not know where all these devices are, but it gives us an idea of what to expect going forward. In short it is not perfect, but not terrible, so it will do for now. We are continuing to look for better locations but are happy enough with this location if we don't find any.

The building is still being worked on with both the power and Internet being turned on and off frequently. As a result the station will be offline more than it is on for the next few weeks. My hope is that it will be online permanently from the new year.

In 2022 I intend to get the tracker out again and start mapping coverage through TTN Mapper.