Working meeting 5-24: results

Terry Moore

The Things Network User

Posted on 25-05-2016

We had a very productive meeting last night (once again) -- the active group has almost doubled, from 7 to 13; and the overall membership in the meetup group has reached 50.

Minutes will be posted shortly on We got some pix that will be posted at our meetup page and probably go out on the twitter feed (@TheThingsNYC). If any of you are not github users, accessing the docs doesn't require any special work; you can just click through to the right place and download a copy.

We'll be meeting again June 14. I'd like to encourage people who are thinking of attending to register early, so that I can judge how large a venue we're going to need. (We can barely accommodate 14 or 15 at Work Better, but 50 will require that we find a larger venue. And plan...)

Thanks all. Keep thinging!