Launch event tonight!

Paul Foster

The Things Network User

Posted on 06-06-2017

Tonight we are holding the inaugural Norfolk TTN community meetup. Details:

The meet up is deliberately low key as we wish to setup the ground work for coverage in Norwich before having a big launch event. We already have sponsors for indoor gateway purchasing lined up, but we are looking to find the best locations to place these in the city. Locations will be determiend in two ways.

1) Use case specific location. Tonight we are looking to identify our initial use cases, and we expect the ideas suggested will require specific gateway locations to provide coverage. So our goal is to facilitate one or more use cases to build a good PR story over just trying to cover the whole of Norwich.
2) We have support from a local provider that will enable us to place an outdoor gateway device on the highest point in Norwich (Norfolk even?!). However, an external gateway device costs about three times the indoor gateway. We are therefore seeking a further sponsor/s for this external device. This device, because of its location, will provide a blanket coverage for the entire city. There will of course be many spots where coverage is obstructed and these we will seek to fill with indoor gateways as fits use case requirements.

Following tonights meetup we will be an offical TTN community with a plan to deploy a working and in use TTN network over Norwich.
It is worth saying that Norwich is our first objective. We are keen to see the TTN opportunity appear in other places in Norfolk and are very happy to support people in doing so.

I hope to see many of you tonight. Weather's a bit horrid but it'll be warm and dry in St Georges' with food and drink available thanks to Tech East sponsorship.