It's Back! - Lenton (Abbey) GW Reinstalled


The Things Network User

Posted on 20-09-2021

After a 15month hiatus when we lost the original host site in Lenton, close to the QMC, we are please to say the Nottingham West/NG7 Gateway has now been re-installed and is back on line handling traffic under TTS(CE) aka TTN V3. This site should be available to us until Summer '22 after whilch we will again be looking for a more permanent home. Sadly, the relocation takes us away from the Lenton area around the University hill to close to Woodside Road, in the Lenton Abbey area. Actual position on Map is an approximation within 100m, for GW security. Given the elevation of the western ring road and location relative to the high University campus topology previous coverage inside the ring road will have been lost and we now need to map the Lenton Abbey, Woodside Road, A52, Beeston and surrounding area coverage in the coming days and weeks. We anticipate some level of coverage down towards the River Trent from the Attenborough Reserve in an arc round to the A453 and the Nottingham Trent Clifton Campus - fingers crossed!

We will update the Community site once we gather suffificient data - in the meantime please start mapping and helping report coverage as you see it.