TTN V2 to V3 migration

Robert Ambroz

The Things Network User

Posted on 04-06-2021

We will start to move our gateways from v2 to v3 at the end of this summer. We are aware of v2 "forgotten" nodes, which should operate without interruption. So, please move your nodes to v3, as this is the first step of v2 to v3 transition. We will move our gateways in accordance with best practice. If someone has any obstacles, please let us know. We are aware that the public network changing should happen in accordance with user’s expectation beside technical aspect. And we would like to make this step ahead responsibly.

Not to forget:
Important: The Things Network is moving to The Things Stack (V3). Registrations of new gateways and end devices in The Things Network V2 clusters will be disabled in June 2021.

The Things Network V2 clusters will shut down in December 2021. Register new gateways and end devices in a The Things Stack (V3) cluster and migrate your existing gateways now! Gateway traffic will be automatically forwarded to V2.

V2 console users can use If you end up at the cluster picker of The Things Stack Community Edition ( you can still select the V2 Console (Safari 14.1 broken, 14.1.1 OK, just use the v2console link above).