Just ordered RAK831 and RHF0M301 gateways for Ogden TTN

James Alton

The Things Network User

Posted on 05-08-2017

We just ordered the RAK831 and RHF0M301. Excited to see which can link up at longer distance! Both will be gateways in the Ogden, UT area and available for any hobbyists, makers, small businesses, large businesses, dogs, cats, or anyone to use. (On the internet nobody knows you're just a dog collar or a refrigerator!)

We first saw the RHF0M301 and the relatively high price of around $300, then were drawn to the RAK831 because of its cheaper price. At around $125, the RAK831 is hard to beat! RAK Wireless exclusively sell on Aliexpress from their website. But our experiences with Aliexpress were not the greatest. We've heard of Aliexpress before, but never had an account on there. When we tried as a first time customer, we got caught up in the "your payment has been denied" troubles. Luckily RAK was able to communicate with us directly through email and help us out. Our only worry now is that they haven't shipped yet.

We also decided to go for the RHF0M301 just to test the range and to have at least one working gateway to test out.

Stay tuned for our report on the findings of how great LoRa is!