Irrigation Pump Monitoring

Johan Scheepers

The Things Network User

Posted on 18-11-2022

Monitoring irrigation pump pressure after the filter you gain a lot of insight to how efficient your system are operating.

You also gain the ability to monitor the time and period that your irrigation system is running. And the pressure from the system after the pump and filter.

When an event occurs and the system are not running at optimal performance alerts are sent out the farmer .Enabling them to investigate the problem and take the necessary corrective action.

Here at 17:10 a low pressure event occurred and an alert were sent the farmer. The VSD drive did increase the pump speed and the pressure did pick up. On investigation the farmer found that a plastic bag were picked up by the inlet and got caught up in the pump impeller.

The same applies when the filter gets block, the VSD drive is working harder but the pressure is down. An alert is generated and the farmer can investigate and take the necessary corrective actions.