Tank Level monitoring – Diesel and Water

Johan Scheepers

The Things Network User

Posted on 02-05-2023

LoRaWAN is the ideal technology to use for Agriculture monitoring and alerting.

You deploy #LoRaWAN gateway on your farm and the level sensor on each. The sensors measure the levels and send it via RF to the gateway and onto our application.

Via our application you can view each tank. The fill levels and alerts are sent to you if any suspicious activity or you tanks are low.
With the diesel levels available to you all the time you’re planning are easy for when to schedule the next delivery of diesel.

Also with all your water tank levels to your disposal you can detect when you have issues with filling of the tanks. Allowing you to react in time to attend to them

The network server keeps you sensors working optimally, adjusting them as need to ensure you network is optimise for optimal performance.

This gives you reassurance that you don’t run out of diesel or your stock goes thirsty.