Gateway for Lesmurdie?


The Things Network User

Posted on 09-10-2019

Hi All,

I have access to a site in Lesmurdie that has pretty good coverage over the Perth coastal plain, and have permision to install a LoRaWAN gateway there.

Can anyone suggest exactly what gateway to get? Or betetr still, does anyone have one sitting around that I could install there this week (while the offer is still fresh)? Happy to pay reasonable $ for the hardware.

The site has 240V, an equipment enclosure, and internet access, so I just need the gateway and preferably an external antenna too.

One other item that comes to mind, is that the RF environment on such an exposed site is pretty tough. Does anyone have ready access to a coaxial bandpass filter (say, pass 850MHz to 960MHz) that can be inserted min the coax run? At least that will protect the RF front end from overload from the TV and FM broadcast signals, etc



P.S. The photo above wasn't taken from the site itself, but is pretty close to the view that is available.