The LoRaWAN Gateway @ Ji4ka Coworking

Ji4ka Coworking


Posted on 10-03-2020

We have managed to install our gateway to The Things Network outdoors at Ji4ka Coworking premises, located in Plovdiv's city center. The Gateway is Raspberry Pi based, equipped with a SX1276 LORA transceiver with third transceiver boosted @ 20dBm (100mW) . The Gateway supports UP/DOWN links and it works @ 868.1 MHz . IT is installed at 3m height. Enjoy long range LoRaWAN in Plovdiv! :)

For all the members of The Things Network Plovdiv we offer free for use LoRa development boards nodes and shields for Raspberry Pi and Arduino. If you are interested in testing the LoRa technology, dont hesitate to Contact Us