The TTN Ponferrada community is born

Ponferrada Inteligente - Ayuntamiento de Ponferrada

Ponferrada Inteligente

Posted on 06-10-2020

This community is a public initiative promoted by the Ponferrada City Council to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the city. It has the support of the Makers Bierzo community, the National Distance Education University (UNED) and local startups, which have developed, and are developing, various projects using LORA technology.
Recently the City Council has deployed two Gateways, in privileged locations in the city (two communication towers on top of two mountains near the urban center) that offer complete coverage to the city.
We intend to create a public and open network to promote entrepreneurship in our territory. At the same time we want to turn Ponferrada into a City Lab, generating prototypes and products that can be exported to other communities.
The main objectives are: to promote entrepreneurship and make Ponferrada a benchmark in the development of products for Smart Cities.
We are currently conducting research, together with companies and groups of makers in the city, to develop prototypes for measuring capacity, air quality, vehicle parking control, etc.