Ground Floor IoT

Jim Roche

The Things Network User

Posted on 22-05-2017

Greetings Providence and Surrounding Communites! Now is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next Internet revolution. The IoT market is expected to reach $267B by 2020. The low cost remote devices are being installed in everything from smoke detectors, refrigerators to remote field locations operating on 3 AA batteries that last years.

IoT or Internet of Things is a new network idea that will allow all those Low Power devices the ability to send and recieve small data. For example, tracking temperature, humidity, binary conditions (on-off, fix-fail, up-down), street lights, water meters, parking meters, copper anti-theft, pallet tracking, proximity sensors, on and on. This network is not for video or sound. Leave that for WiFi or broadband network traffic.

Our new Providence RI community is building a team to build and support a pubic network. We will meet monthly with the goal of creating at least 1 gateway from our public IoT network into the Internet and expand to 2-3 gateways in 2018. Whats the hecks a gateway? Why not attend our 1st meeting and become a member. Much more to come!! Best -Jim Roche