First community meeting at FabLab RUC, Roskilde


The Things Network User

Posted on 13-02-2019

FabLab RUC had a meeting February 05 with the intention to gather people interested in LoraWan and The Things Network.
We had invited Sebastian Büttrich, a core member of the Copenhagen community to give an inspirational talk about the The Things Network and share his experiences with the LoRaWan. He had just arrived from Amsterdam and could tell us fresh stories from the conference and answer all our questions.
There were 20 attendants from other makerspace, from the municipality and enthusiasts. We discussed what could be done to spread more gateways and learn more about TTN and together we decided to start a community and hold workshops on how to build gateways, antennas and devices. The FabLab will plan this events and we hope to inspire more people to join this network and start using it.

If you want to get in touch with the FabLab and take part in the Roskilde Community write to Sara at

by Sara Daugbjerg
FabLab RUC
Roskilde University