It's a Start

Steve Jones

The Things Network User

Posted on 07-01-2021

We bought the farm. Not in the 'pushing up daisies, shuffled off the mortal coil' sense. We bought A farm. For us, it's THE farm. Farms have certain advantages. They have space. They have sunlight, grass, rocks. Some, like ours, have water. This is good. They can lack a few things. This one lacks civilization. There's no power, no services, certainly no internet. They have needs. I'd sure like to know things. How's the weather there? Is the soil conducive to growing something, or should we turn on a pump, grab some water from the stream and irrigate the field? I have needs. I can't be driving over there several times a day to tend to little things. That's what IoT is for.

You see where this is going. LoRa is an obvious part of the solution. So, we've installed a Laird LoRaWAN gateway, and we have a pile of ESP32LORA modules enroute. It'll be a quest to learn. Join us on our journey. I can't guarantee you'll learn anything, but perhaps you'll be entertained.