Reinventing the wheel

Steve Jones

The Things Network User

Posted on 11-01-2021

I'm starting on a quest to learn. My goal:

Internet of Things. Sense, surveil, control. LoRa radios operate on various ISM frequencies (915MHz is most common in US) I would like to crawl, walk, run. First devices will sense soil hygrometry, temp, humidity, barometry, water flow, device GPS location. Next sensors will surveil Wifi radios (proximity) and fauna crossing an infrared beam. (counting deer and taking photographs) Third group will respond to commands for access control, irrigation, feeding, etc.
I'll build the first sensors, to keep costs down. I'll also deploy two LoRaWan gateways (one commercial, one hobbyist) so I get familiar with all the processes required to interact with The Things Network, as well as maintain my own backend stack (

That covers crawling and walking.

The running part is parlaying this into a commercial enterprise for our holding company to execute. (something for the brother-in-law to do) Several commercial and government entities are getting excited about IoT applications and need a technology partner to help them build/manage/mantain their networks.