LoRa Workshop Doubles Gateway Count

Travis Good

Pursuing projects of interest.

Posted on 16-01-2017

One workshop + Five hackers = Ten LoRa devices.

On January 14 at the La Jolla Library a team met to pilot a new LoRa workshop.
Our goal was to move a group through:

  • building a LoRa node and registering it with TTN
  • building a LoRa gateway and registering it with TTN
  • gathering and displaying sensor data on TTN
  • introducing MQTT and NodeRed concepts

Six hours later we had five working nodes passing temperature and barometric pressure data through five working gateways to participants' accounts on TheThingsNetwork.

LoRa talent in San Diego country grew significantly and in one day we doubled our available gateways from five to ten. An amazing achievement which will be repeated just as soon as Doug and I can pull it together.

Be sure to let us know if you'd be interested in our next workshop.