TTN Siechnice high altitude SF7 transmission record

Grzegorz Kaczmarek

The Things Network User

Posted on 03-03-2018

On 3rd of March we hit 15[km] of SF7 transmission distance airing from 40[m] above the ground

We hit the record by transmitting an unconfirmed packet using mote held in hand but standing on the top of the view tower 40[m] above ground with antenna pointing straight up.


Tower is located in Kotowice village located 15[km] away from farthest GW we've reached in Wroclaw.


Node side:

* location: Kotowice view tower
* antenna: 2,15[dBi] held in hand 40[m] above ground
* chip: RN2483 (LoRa Technology Mote)
* spreading factor = SF7
* TX power = +14[dBm]
* error coding = 4/5
* bandwidth = 125[kHz]
* connection type: unconfirmed

Gateway side:

* location: Wrolcaw, Reja
* EUI: 1234567892ABCDEF
* RSSI = -118
* SNR = +1.20