TTN Siechnice transmission record above 34km at SF7

Grzegorz Kaczmarek

The Things Network User

Posted on 10-04-2018

On 9th of April 2018 we hit above 34[km] of line-of-sight transmission

We hit the record by transmitting an unconfirmed packet using our LoRaWAN tester/tracker (which is still under development) held in hand but standing at the bottom of the Sleza hill with antenna pointing straight up.


Our transmission took place from the lower mountain shelter's area (called Schronisko Wiezyca) from where there is a beautiful view in the Wroclaw's direction.

Node side:

* location: Schronico Wiezyca at the bottom of Sleza hill
* antenna: 3[dBi] standing on the wooden support 1[m] above ground
* chip: IMST iM881A
* spreading factor = SF7
* TX power = +14[dBm]
* error coding = 4/5
* bandwidth = 125[kHz]
* connection type: unconfirmed

Gateway side:

* location: Wrolcaw, Wittiga
* EUI: 1234567891ABCDEF
* RSSI = -123
* SNR = -7.50