TTN Siechnice transmission record over 43[km] at SF7

Grzegorz Kaczmarek

The Things Network User

Posted on 02-01-2019

On 1st of January 2019 we hit above 43[km] of transmission from 2[m] above the ground

We hit the record by transmitting an unconfirmed packet using our LoRaWAN tester/tracker (which is still under development) in a car on the move with antenna mounted on its roof and pointing straight up.


Our transmission took place on a 384 road near Sieniawka village from where we were lucky to reach one of the Wroclaw's gateway.

Node side:

* location: 384 road near Sieniawka village
* antenna: 3[dBi] mounted on car's roof
* chip: IMST iM881A
* spreading factor = SF7
* TX power = +14[dBm]
* error coding = 4/5
* bandwidth = 125[kHz]
* connection type: unconfirmed

Gateway side:

* location: Wrolcaw, Wittiga
* EUI: 1234567891ABCDEF
* RSSI = -123[dBm]
* SNR = -5.20[dB]