Gateways on their way!

Andrew Green

The Things Network User

Posted on 26-11-2017

Good news everyone! We have two gateways on order, due to arrive next week! From the forum post I made earlier, here's the current plan:

I have two RG191 gateways on order to arrive next week. I will install one at my house off Kenmount Road (will move to a radio site on Kenmount Hill) and another at a radio site in Shea Heights (pending Internet access).

Setup will be as follows:

  • Antennas are Laird OD9-5. Shea Heights will be approx 100ft LMR-400. Kenmount Hill approx 200ft. Antenna gain should overcome most loss in cabling (3.9dB/100ft at 900MHz).
  • Gateways are Laird RG191.
  • If possible I will mount the antenna as high as possible at the radio site (top of tower at each), if not on top of the building should be more than high enough for Shea Heights.