Welcome To The Things Network Suffolk!

Emily-Jayne Crittenden

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-05-2018

On May 10th We held our first meetup at the Ipswich Water Front Innovation Centre where founder of The Things Network Norfolk & Suffolk, Paul Foster, spoke about the network and the community project's that TTN Norfolk have been working on in the past 5 months, and the widerscope of applying LoRa to solve all sorts of tricky problems.

We are actively looking for local partners to sponsor gateways in the local area - if helping the community, business and genetal public, to access and utalise connected community technology is of interest to you, please get in touch.

Our last challenge is to provide 2 gateways for Ipswich - One has been sponsored by Digital East, so we need one more to be offical and about half a dozen more to cover Ipswich realiably.

Don't forget, our next meetup is June 7th - we will be making LoRa Nodes as a beginners workshop, no coding or hardware hacking experience required- so please sign up and bring £13 with you to cover the cost of parts if you'd like to keep yours!

Sign Up: https://www.meetup.com/digital-east/events/250344800/