Best Things Network applications for Syracuse


The Things Network User

Posted on 19-12-2018

Hello! I'm excited that this community is up and running. I currently serve as the City of Syracuse's Chief Data Officer, and we are thinking a lot about how we can expand our understanding of the city, deliver better and more efficient services, and ultimate improve the community, in part through the use of sensor technology.

The City is currently in the process of purchasing all of its street lights and upgrading them to LED. Part of that upgrade will also include the build out of a network to control those lights, and also likely ingest data from some types of sensors. We know that there will need to be multiple networks available to transfer sensor data depending on the application, and are actively thinking about LoRaWAN as a part of that.

My questions to you is: what types of applications for sensors do you think would be most interesting to try in Syracuse? Challenges related to snow and vacant housing come to mind, but there are many other ways increased data collection could help. I'm interested in your thoughts!