Notice: All community members are equal!

Ali Rahmanpour


Posted on 06-08-2016

Hi (Salaam) to all you, the interested people in TTN.
We have just wanted to inform you again that TTN is an open and community based network, so every one is free to join the network and help to expand the coverage of it by adding some gateways. If you've added any gateway, you can also add the location of that on the map too. You can send us the information of it, if you want the backer logo to be shown on the page.
This openness and free spirit is just what make TTN different (However this doesn't mean that we are against the closed and operator-controlled networks).
So be aware that however you can get help from others, but there is no need to any official relation (with any person/organization) to become part of TTN.
Good luck, The initiators of Tehran community