Some new updates from our community

Ali Rahmanpour


Posted on 18-05-2016

In previous weeks many things have been done in our community, we've tried to summarize some of them:
- However meeting with some Iranian companies and organizations has been initiated months ago (and some preliminary agreements have been achieved), but this procedure has been accelerated in recent weeks, by setting up the first part of the network. We hope to inform you about some new and amazing partnerships in near future.
- Another good news is that during recent weeks, some more modules have been ordered for developing the nodes and the second gateway. Furthermore, these days, as we've promised before, we are concentrating on developing a local and dedicated server for “TTN IR” and we hope to inform you of good news about that in coming months.
- In last month, also, the news about setting up the first part of the network was broadly released and we've received so positive feedback from ICT professionals here! Thanks for your attention, we now hope to continue stronger than past!